Video Bitrate Reduction & Video Quality Improvement Technology


The Need for a Revolution

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According to estimates, by 2018 global internet traffic will reach 1.6 zettabytes per year, or 131.6 exabytes per month.  A large part will be video; in fact the sum of all forms (TV, internet, video on demand, & P2P) is expected to be 80% to 90% of global consumer traffic by 2018.  The problem is the demand for video bandwidth keeps growing, but network compression schemes’ efficiency only doubles every ten years.

“It is clear that a fundamental change must be made in how networks operate. Our new technology provides a solution for this today, easily integrates into existing systems, and is fully compatible with future compression schemes.”

- Yves Faroudja



We specialize in video processing. Our patented video bitrate reduction technology, F1, is employed at the front and back end of video encoding/transcoding workflows. F1 not only improves video compression but also enhances video quality.

The Big Picture

Smaller Files, Less Bandwidth, Less Storage = Lower Operational Expenses

For Your Company

Reduce Operation Costs

Smaller files means less storage and lower operation costs.

Decrease Storage Requirement

Experience reduced power utilization for both bandwidth and storage.

Facilitates 4K Distribution

Compatible with any type of video compression or resolution, from standard definition to 4K.

For Your Customers

Video Beauty

See improved video quality with Faroudja-grade enhancements.

Faster Downloads

Smaller files means quicker access to content.

Mobile Friendly

Squeeze more into mobile devices and data plans.

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