Yves Faroudja

Yves Faroudja


A legend in the video industry, Yves Faroudja has devoted most of his professional activities in the United States towards the goal of achieving high image quality in video applications. French by birth and an inventor at heart, Mr. Faroudja has been credited with a wide range of innovations, many of which have been licensed to both production and consumer video electronics. Several advances that contributed to HDTV standards today can be directly traced to Faroudja.

After earning his MSEE degree from the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité, Paris, he worked at ITT Research Laboratories in France and at NATO in Italy until he moved to the United States. There, he and his wife Isabell founded Faroudja Laboratories, sold a few years later to Sage/Genesis.

With every major technological advancement in video, Mr. Faroudja has provided groundbreaking solutions. Most flat panel TVs today use a form of Faroudja processing.

When broadcasters were required to switch to digital high definition, Mr. Faroudja designed an Emmy-winning upconverter used by most US TV stations. And he invented the reverse telecine process.

This trend continues today as Faroudja Enterprises, a new company, embarks on devising pioneering technologies for video streaming and compression.

Yves Faroudja has been granted more than 80 patents and received three Technical Emmys, including the Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Emmy. A life fellow of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, he was awarded the prestigious David Sarnoff Gold Medal, and been the recipient of many other honors.

Three Emmys